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We Believe in the

importance of personal touch

Here at Daisy & the Duke, we understand how important it is to have printed photographs from your wedding day. In this day and age, everything is now done online and so many photographs are only viewed via our electronic screens.

Sitting down with friends and family and looking at photographs in an album is now a lost art. We believe it is a truly great art form, and we don’t want you to miss out on that opportunity.

Therefore, we offer three different sized wedding albums for you to pick and choose from, so that you can select what is most meaningful to you.

These different sizes also vary in the amount of pages included, so that you can choose how many photographs you would like put into a beautiful book.

We also want the process of making a photo album to be just as exciting and heartfelt as the experience of viewing the final product. Therefore, no matter what size album you would want or how many of them you would like, we want to meet with you to discuss the layout and what images you would like included.

A little bit about our albums:

We create the albums so that they are very personal, and so that the story is correctly presented as it unfolds.

We want to deliver only the finest quality albums that are going to show of your beautiful wedding photos to the best of their ability. That is why we have decided on a flat lay design that includes seamless binding and lustre photographic paper, and offers various options for album covers to suit your personalities. To see our album cover options follow the link HERE

We offer albums in three different sizes with various pages, being 5×7 inches, 8×11 inches and 11×14 inches. All come in a beautiful presentation box, to ensure their lasting capabilities.


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