Michelle & Andrew

sunshine coast engagement photoshoot aussie world


They met:



They got engaged:


Aussie World is an ideal location for an Engagement Photoshoot!

From the very start, Michelle & Andrew didn’t want to settle for mediocre. They are all about being unique, standing out from the crowd, and doing what is true to themselves. So why would we do anything boring for their sunshine coast engagement photoshoot?!

We decided to turn the engagement photoshoot into an entertaining day out at an arcade. That meant lots of fun playing around with big balloons, silly rides, tule skirts, cute bow ties and coloured smoke! Seriously, could these two get any cuter? We really are spoilt for choice on the sunshine coast for engagement photoshoot locations.

Are you wanting somthing different from your engagement photoshoot?

We love couples that are open to being different and reflecting their true personalities. Remember, there is no right or wrong location for your engagement photoshoot, so take a look at some of our other locations we have taken our couples.

We are spoilt for choice being so close to the Gold Coast, Maleny, Sunshine Coast and of course Brisbane. Lets take advantage of it!



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