Photographing a Proposal

proposal photography

Photographing a Proposal

Being part of someone’s important milestones in life is extremely heart warming, and we feel truly grateful to be able to witness incredible moments as part of our job! However when that heart warming milestone is of some of your closest friends, it feels even more amazing to be involved and to be trusted to capture the momentous occasions that unfold. 

Josh & Ash are unlike anyone else we have ever met. They are both so kind, friendly, supportive and loving. It has been incredible watching their relationship grow over the past few years, from selling all their possessions and exploring the world together, to moving to Sydney and growing their incredible careers. 

When Josh first mentioned proposing to Ash, we knew we wanted to be involved! With many secret phone calls and Skype sessions, we managed to put together a brilliant plan that we knew would leave Ash speechless. Not only did Josh plan the most romantic sunset picnic for the proposal, but he also hand crafted the engagement ring himself. Yes, you read that right. HE MADE THE RING!!! 

With Ash obviously knowing what we look like, we knew we needed to somehow overcome this obstacle so that she wouldn’t become suspicious while we photographed the proposal. So disguises were bought, and bushes were very well hidden in (for anyone who knows Sid, this was obviously right up his alley!). 

With a few hiccups occurring the day of the engagement (the above-mentioned hand made ring went M.I.A for a few hours), somehow everything came together perfectly and we captured the most special moment of Josh & Ash taking the next step in their beautiful relationship! Every little detail and moment was perfectly “them”, and represented who they are. 

We feel so privileged to have been able to make these images for them, so that they can always remember that special afternoon.

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