The wedding reception is where the party really starts to get going.


It’s where all of your closest family and friends get a chance to shower you with love, to charge their champagne glasses in a toast, and to let their hair down and have a little fun! It’s where the ties become more of a fashionable head piece worn by the guys, and where the ladies get to kick off their high heels to boogie on down. It’s when the dance floor battles take place, and where Grandma gets to strut her stuff!

Not only do we absolutely love capturing all of the fun that goes on at a wedding reception, but we love to contribute to it! That’s why our Instant Print Photo Booth is the perfect way to not only entertain your guests, but to capture those silly moments to keep! It’s the perfect opportunity to create photos of your guests in a more playful and spontaneous manner, where true personalities really shine through!

Our Photo Booth is fully automated which means that we are still free to roam around and concentrate on capturing the happenings of the reception! The easy to use format means that guests can easily follow the instructions to pose for 3 photos, and then receive 2 photo strips after their session – one for the bride and groom to keep, and one for the guest to keep! And don’t worry if you are scared your guests might be photo hogs – you receive unlimited prints for the whole night, so you and your guests can go nuts!

The Instant Print Photo Booth comes in two different formats:

As a Caravan

The Instant Print Photo Booth fits snugly inside our gorgeous 1956 vintage caravan Lilah (be sure to check out our “Life with Lilah” page for more pics!). With her unique look she is sure to send heads turning when she rolls up to your beautiful wedding venue. Yes, she may be older than the two of us (combined), but she will be a truly memorable addition to any great event, and will capture all the fun and joy had by your partying guests!



Free Standing in your Reception Room

If your reception venue doesn’t have the ability to host the Caravan Photo Booth, that’s totally fine! The Instant Print Photo Booth can also be set up as a free-standing booth inside your reception room. All we require is a designated space, and we are good to go! If you are interested in having the Instant Print Photo Booth as an awesome addition to your wedding reception, contact us now!

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