Nicola & Ash

Maleny Manor, Sunshine Coast

Nicola & Ash


They met:



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Usually when people think of great weather, they think of a nice warm sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. But for us, this isn’t the sort of weather we hope for on weddings. We love nothing more than mother nature doing her thing to create incredible backdrops with moody clouds and gorgeous skies, and Nicola & Ash’s Maleny Manor wedding was the perfect display of this!

Throughout the morning while both Nicola & Ash were getting ready, the rain was beating down outside, which wasn’t ideal for their outdoor wedding.

However, as Nicola walked down the stairs of Maleny Manor to head to the ceremony, the rain magically stopped, so a quick change of locations meant the wedding was back to it’s original location of under the beautiful tree. Mist rolled through the valley while the two exchanged vows and rings, which was the most breathtaking sight. It wasn’t until the reception started that the rain began again, so we had the perfect gap in the weather to create some wonderfully unique moments.



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