Our Favourite Moments

favourite photography moments 2017

Our Favourite Moments, 2017

We have finally finished going over the thousands and thousands of photos we took this year to put together a summary of 2017. These images are made up of the moments that we continue to talk about, and the moments that shaped our year to be so incredible! 

We have to admit, when 2017 started, we didn’t think it was going to be a good year for us. It started with us postponing a trip that has been years in the making, so that we could stay in Brisbane to spend quality time with our loved ones. Even though it was a hard decision, it was by far the best decision we made throughout the whole year. It was then that we realised that Daisy & the Duke is more like a community than a business, and how much support, encouragement and incredible people we are surrounded by and get to work with! 

Even though our goal was to spend more time in Brisbane this year, we just couldn’t kick our travel bug! We went on 4 international working trips as well as traveling the east coast of Aus multiple times, and it felt like we were hardly home! We are so lucky that this lead to us photographing so many amazing locations, including Sydney Harbour, snow capped mountains, sand dunes, crystal clear waters, and so much more. 

Capturing these gorgeous locations was also made more exciting by the help of some new toys! The addition of an underwater housing and drone meant we could reach new heights (pun intended) to capture some incredible moments from a different perspective. We have to say here a big thank you to all of the couples who were up for our daring ideas of swimming in their weddings dresses to lying on wet sand, it was all definitely worth it!! 

While it has been so hard to condense 20 weddings, 18 couples photoshoots and 14 trips away, these are the photos that mean the most to us. 2017 turned out to be a beautiful year full of so many heartwarming moments. We are grateful for all of the amazing people we met along the way and for now getting to call so many of them our friends. 

Even though we are looking forward to 2018, this year still isn’t over for us! We have one more wedding left for 2017, and who knows, maybe we are saving the best for last?

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