Australian Road Trip

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Our journey to capture the essence of love and life


Who is Lilah?

Lilah is our gorgeous 1956 vintage Sunliner caravan. Just over a year ago, we brought her into our family so that we could combine two of our major loves in life: photography and travel! Very shortly we are going to embark upon an amazing adventure, turning Daisy & the Duke into a roaming photography business and traveling all around Australia for 12 months.

With her leading the way, we will travel around all sorts of magical places, photographing breathtaking weddings as we go! From the sunny fields of Byron Bay to the beautiful beaches of Western Australia, we think there’s something really special about rising with the sun, camping under the stars and making a new home wherever we go.

So to all of the brides and grooms out there in Australia, we cannot wait to meet you and hear about your incredible love stories! We want to have awesome adventures with you, and to capture your beautiful wedding day in a truly unique and fun way.

We are setting sail from Brisbane in August 2018, heading south and slowly making our way around the coast. So if you are getting married in 2018 or 2019 in a cool part of this amazing land we call home, please get in touch with us. Our rough travel dates can be found below on the map, but they are very flexible, so if it seems like they might not quite line up with your wedding date, send us a message anyway!

We will share our story on our Instagram and Facebook page and we would love for you to become a part of our journey!

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