Jahnie & Ryan

Jahnie & Ryan


They met:



They got engaged:



They tied the knot:


Jahnie and Ryan’s wedding day at Albert River Wines was cold and moody, but it just meant that these two had to be extra close to keep each other warm!

We had an absolute ball with the couple from the moment we first met them! They are both so beautiful and bubbly and always have the biggest smiles on their faces. All the way through their wedding planning we kept hearing about all of the amazing things that were in the making, and we couldn’t wait to see it all come together.

Their bridal party was made up of such genuine and fun friends who made the day so much more positive and

energetic, and we couldn’t stop laughing the whole day due to their silly jokes and banter.

From the get go, we could see how in love Jahnie & Ryan are, and listening to everyone’s stories about the couple throughout the wedding day just cemented our thoughts on how perfect they are together. We cannot wait to see how these two grow even more together, we know theirs is a love story with many more chapters to be written!



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