About Us

You might be asking yourself the question: Who is Daisy & the Duke?

Well, we actually go by the names of Callena and Sid.


We are fun-loving adventurers who have an incredible passion for exploring the world and for meeting all the amazing and inspiring people who live within it. We are both hopeless romantics, who are crazy in love with each other, and also madly in love with love itself. We are visual storytellers who are curious about all great things that surround us. We love meeting new people and discovering what excites them.

It’s that excitement and essence of life that lives within every one of us that we strive to capture within our photographs. Our practice is grounded in the beliefs of hard work, big dreams, and always sharing inspiration with others. This, put together with our quirky personalities and massive gratitude for life, make us a pretty awesome team.


I love to love love. I am probably the corniest person I know, and that’s exactly how I like it. There is no greater joy to me than seeing someone genuinely smile, either because of my bad jokes, or on the odd occasion that I actually make a good one.

Hi, I’m Callena

I absolutely love all things colourful, and all things positive. I have an incredible passion for exploring new corners of the world where I’ve never been before, and meeting new people. Not a day goes by where I don’t somehow quote from either a Disney movie or a Friends episode.

But thats enough about Daisy & the Duke.

For us, It’s all about YOU!

Your wedding day should be something that you remember for a very long time. We want it to be something that years from now, you can look back on and still giggle about what a fun time you had with your closest loved ones. We also want you to have beautiful photographs that will last not only a lifetime, but will also be passed down through the generations.

We want you to be completely happy with all of the decisions you make leading up to the day, including your photographer. So we will go far and beyond what is expected of us, to make sure that your day and your photographs are not just ‘good’, but ‘incredible’. Whatever you want us to do, we will do it. Wherever you want us to go, we will go there. And wherever we go, whatever we do, you can expect us to bring along our positive attitudes, hard work ethics, and creative thinking caps.